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Monday, May 20, 2024

Sermon Links - Audio

Sermon Links - Audio

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Bitterness and Peace: An Easter Message


Darkness on Good Friday


The New Covenant: A Maundy Thursday Message


Look Around: A Palm Sunday Message


God Is Calling


Down is Up


Herod the Great

Simeon and Anna

Christmas Message 2017

The Innkeeper

The Shepherds


Zacharias and Elizabeth








The Message


Pray and Go


Waiting to be Called


Sheep's Clothing






Up to the Throne


Spirit of truth



His Voice




My Lord and my God


Fear Not

The Way the Truth the Life


The Vine




Before Abraham Was 








Sheep Gate 






Good Shepherd








Jesus and the Law




Attitude Prescription




In The Water


Wise Men







John the Baptist




Some Thanks Reasons


Christ the King-What Kind of King Is He?


What Now?


Join the Great Cloud


A Lost, Rich Man


Two Men, One Justified


The Persistent Widow


Giving Thanks, An Offering to God


Warning, Forgiveness, Faith, Obedience


3 Reminders




4 Kinds of Lost


You Cannot Be My Disciple




A Few



Do Not Be Afraid 


How To Be a Fool


Teach Us To Pray









Set Toward 



Up From the Dead


After Pentecost- Then What?

Leading the Way


The 1st Christian Pentecost


Jesus Ascends to Heaven


How To Have Peace


A New Commandment


Jesus Walked the Talk


Gone Fishing


The Emmaus Disciples


Rocks and the Resurrection


Simon of Cyrene


Mary, mother of Jesus


Palms and Gifts


The Centurion




The Penitent Thief




Jesus Tempted




The Transfiguration




Marriage and Love




The Lord is Calling You


Rejection at Nazareth


Jesus' Sermon at Nazareth


Water Into Wine


Jeff's Testimony




Birth, Death, and New Life

Trust but Verify

Prepare the Way for the Lord

Who was John the Baptist?


This Generation Shall Not Pass Away?


What Is Truth?

The Greatest Commandment Part 2


The Greatest Commandment Part 1

Faith Hall of Fame



The Rich Young Ruler


Joined Together


What About Salt?


Jesus Heals A Deaf Man


"All Aspirin is Alike"












Therefore...Remember...But Now

Coming and Going with Jesus



Don't Be Afraid; Just Believe


Let Us . . .


Seed Parables


Jesus Possessed By A Demon?


Remember the Sabbath Day and Keep it Holy


Most Holy Trinity


Speaking in Other Tongues, Acts 2

Ascension Sunday

"If You Obey My Commands"


Stay Connected!


The Door, The Gate, The Good Shepherd


Why Only To Disciples?


Peace Be With You

Run To Jesus


What Kind of King was Jesus?

Jesus and Thomas


Jesus and Mary


Two Requirements for Eternal Life


Jesus and Judas

Obey the 10 Commandments


Take Up Your Cross


The Temptation of Christ

Peter's Highs and Lows


The Transfiguration of Our Lord 


Prayer and Ministry, Both/And


Casting Out

The Great Invitation


Jesus Calls Nathanael--and You!


Oh, that You Would Rend the Heavens!


Seek and Worship


See it to Believe it? Believe it to see it!

Why Shepherds?


Mary; "All Generations Will Call Me Blessed."


John is Elijah, John is You


"Go and Tell . . . "


Telling a Pinocchio


Why Give Thanks?


What Kind of a King?


Are You Ready?


Who's waiting for Whom?


Best Thing I Ever Did


Give to Caesar, Give to God

Question Authority? Not in Jesus' Case!


 Lessons on Humility and Heaven


Looking for Loopholes? Strengthen Your Marriage!




Being Transformed


Stones in the Temple


What Jesus Can Do For You


Out of the Boat


Sowers and the Seed






The Calling


Most Powerful


Follow Up Your Faith


Do Not Worry





My father, your father, our Father


The Main Thing


Giving and Rewards 


Love Your Enemies


Overcome Good With Evil


Swearing an Oath


What Kind of House Are You Building?


Fear Not; Come and See; Go and Tell


Behold the Man!

Peter and Maundy Thursday


The Crowds and Palm Sunday


Jesus' Prayer


Who Was Noah?


Lent 5: "Irrevocable Joy"


Divorce and Love


Lent 4: "Abide in Me and Bear Fruit"

"Do Not Commit Adultery"


Lent 3: "Do Not Let Your Heart Be Troubled"


"Do Not Murder"


Lent 2: Love in Action, Love Lost, and Love Commanded


Law Fulfilled and Broken


Mary Anoints Jesus (Lent 2014 Series)


Salt and Light


The Beatitudes


" . . . teaching them to obey . . . "


Jesus Calls His First Four Disciples


Who Governs In Your Heart?


Temptation of Jesus


Genealogy of Jesus


Jesus Needed Baptism?


What Made the Wise Men Wise?


A Christmas Message from Isaiah


God With Us


Be Strong, Do Not Fear

Can A Mountain Grow?


Remembering Our Thanksgiving Heritage




Is It Worthwhile To Serve God?


Jesus, the Sadducees, and Marriage


Jesus,Zaccheus,and Tax Collectors


The Pharisee,the Tax Collector,and Prayer


How the Blood of Jesus Saves Us


The Invite


Healing and Forgiveness


Lazarus and the Rich Man


Revelation 22


Revelation 21


Revelation 20


Revelation 19


Revelation 17 and 18


Revelation 15 and 16


Revelation 14


Revelation 13

Revelation 12


Revelation 11


Revelation 10


Revelation 8


Revelation 7


Revelation 6, The Six Seals


Revelation 4 and 5


Revelation 2 and 3


Revelation 1


The Lord's Prayer


Simple Prayers


Praying for Power


Prayer Hinderances

Prayers God Always Hears


"Words of Jesus After the Resurrection", An Easter Message


"Father, into your hands I commit my spirit." A Good Friday Message 


"Given For You", A Maundy Thursday Message


Palms and Donkeys


Jesus' Words From the Cross, 3-20-13

The Heir and the Vineyard


Supper for 5,000; Lunch for 12


Jesus' Words From the Cross, 3-6-13


Jesus or Beelzebub?


Have Faith and Pray and Believe


Jesus' Words from the Cross, 2-20-13



Preparation and Temptation and the Wilderness


His and Our Baptism

Hearts Disease



Words of Mary, Part 2




Words of Mary, Part 1



Still Seek Him




Hope and Faith and Love and the Little Things




"In those days . . .": A Christmas Message



Advent and John the Baptist




Advent and Salvation




Advent and Preparation